Take control of your financial future
Budgeting. Forecasting. Investments. Retirement Planning.
All at one secure place.
All Accounts At One Place
See your full financial picture.
Secure Automatic Sync
Sync with over 20,000 banks all across the world.
Upload Statements
Upload statements from your bank or other softwares.
Manual Transactions
Add transactions on the go. Reconcile them later.
Be In Control Of Your Spending
Dive deep to understand your spending.
Visualize spending trends and easily spot irregularities.
Proactively allocate & control where your money goes.
Real-time Alerts
Get alerts when you exceed your spending limits.
Preview Your Future
Look at your future financial self. Today!
Net Worth Today
Net Worth Next Year
Preview net worth, balances & expenses based on previous spending patterns.
Get alerts for upcoming bills. Never get hit by a late fee again.
Smart Alerts
Get alerts about future problems before they happen.
Reach Your Goals
Plan for retirement & long-term goals.
Plan for long-term goals like retirement & kid's education.
Track your entire portfolio. Watch your nest egg grow.
Built For Power Users
Slice and dice your finances precisely the way you want.
Get precise control over tagging, transfers, and much more.
Multiple Currencies
Track accounts in different currencies. We do the math, so you don't have to!.
Access Control
Share account with family, accountants, and others.
Nested Tags
Drill down with sub-tags (and sub-sub-tags). You get the idea!
  • Split grocery, rent bills with roommates and friends
  • Send payments online to settle up
  • Report expenses on the go
  • Get real-time alerts on your mobile device
  • Supports 130+ currencies
  • Supports 60+ languages
  • Works with any bank worldwide
Top-Notch Security
Industry-standard 128-bit encryption is used to secure communication between our servers and your computer. Our server infrastructure is compliant with industry standards such as PCI and SOC 3.
Independent, reputed security firms conduct rigorous daily scans, comprising dynamic port scanning, network vulnerability testing, and web application vulnerability testing.
High-grade 256-bit encryption is used to secure any sensitive information stored on our servers to prevent a third party from eavesdropping.
The Best Free Finance Web App
Manage not only your own expenses, but a group's (like your slacker roommates) when you sync Buxfer with your bank or import statements or financial data files. You'll be able to generate reports on who owes what; there's even an IOU view. Pay for the Plus or Pro accounts to get access to unlimited accounts, make unlimited budgets, and create all the bill reminders your checking account can stomach.
Top Expense Management Software
Buxfer was ranked among the Top 10 Expense Management Software by Cloudswave. Cloudswave provides a unique rating system for software solutions using the Cloudswave Score, an unbiased weighted average rating that takes into account the degree of importance (i.e the "Domain Authority") of each source.
Best Reviewed Personal Finance Site
Excellent for creating simple budgets. Reviewers like Buxfer.com's budgeting tool; it lets you create and track budgets and allows you to use tags to better categorize expenses. The service can automatically download transactions and update your accounts, but if you're worried about security you don't have to provide user names and passwords; you can manually upload account information or store your passwords and logins locally on your own computer. Another unique feature of Buxfer.com is the ability to report transactions or to query balances via SMS through Twitter.
Best of the Web for Pioneering Features
Named Best of the Web in the report for several pioneering features, including login via third-party APIs, transaction input via email, file appending, Google gadget, and budget alerts
Buxfer.com is the first choice of personal finance websites reviewer Jason Fitzpatrick. He is impressed that Buxfer.com offers different levels of security.
Buxfer might be the answer for people who do not want to blindly trust an unknown company with sensitive data (goodbye Mint!).
Buxfer helps college roommates, friends and family members keep runnning tallies of shared expenses. It takes away the awkwardness of going to collect later.
Buxfer provides a clean interface for tracking your purchases, payments and trends in your spending habits. Mint has received heat about storing personal data on its servers. Buxfer's offline component is easier to use.
Having your payments on Buxfer lets you manage your balances with friends and analyze your expenses over time through pie charts and graphs.
All your accounts at one place
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