PocketSmith vs Buxfer

See why Buxfer is the best alternative to PocketSmith

Thinking of switching away from PocketSmith? You have come to the right place. Thousands of users have happily made the switch to Buxfer and here's why.
Why PocketSmith might not be the right choice for you
  • PocketSmith does not support monitoring your investment portfolio.
  • PocketSmith does not help you plan for longer term goals like retirement.
  • Mobile app has limited functionality.
Why people are switching from PocketSmith to Buxfer
  • Android app is useless with no bank sync on mobile apps.
  • Alright but still not as powerful as Buxfer.
  • Mobile apps are only good for viewing and categorising transactions.
  • It didn't work very well with multiple accounts and neutral transfers.
See why Buxfer is better than PocketSmith
Mobile App
Works as great on your mobile device as on a desktop computer.
Mobile app has limited functionality.
Automatically syncs with your investment accounts and provides in-depth reporting for your holdings, portfolio, allocation and investment performance.
Not supported
Access Control
Allows sharing access to your account with your family or accountant.
Not supported