Spendee vs Buxfer

See why Buxfer is the best alternative to Spendee

Thinking of switching away from Spendee? You have come to the right place. Thousands of users have happily made the switch to Buxfer and here's why.
Why Spendee might not be the right choice for you
  • Spendee's technical infrastructure can be unreliable. Their product has been in a "read-only" mode for a long time as they make upgrades, something very uncommon in today's softwares.
  • Spendee's budgeting tools are basic and lack depth.
Why people are switching from Spendee to Buxfer
  • There are just too many issues right now. Everything from server issues, to the app freezing when trying to download transactions etc.
  • Spendee just deleted two years of my financial data.
  • Spendee is in "read only" mode since a month
  • I can't properly handle savings accounts. Last month, it looked like my income was about 5 times larger than what it really was
See why Buxfer is better than Spendee
Offers flexible budgeting, allowing you to budget your way.
Extremely basic. Automated budgets are frequently wrong.
Forecasts your future spending, income and account balances based on your past spending data.
Not supported for expense / income / cashflows.
Access Control
Allows sharing access to your account with your family or accountant.
Not supported