The Help Center contains in-depth information about Buxfer and answers to several common questions.
Are my online banking username and password safe with you?
The bank's login information you share is not stored in our database, but is instead stored by our sync providers: Yodlee and SaltEdge. Once sent to the provider, we no longer have any access to your login information.
All our sync providers have decades of experience handling sensitive customer information. They even power payments and online banking interfaces for many banks.
Learn more about your sync providers: Yodlee and SaltEdge.
My bank is not supported for sync. Can I still use Buxfer?
Yes, Buxfer is designed to work even if you can't or don't want to sync your bank accounts.
You can use one of these methods to enter your transactions:
  • Upload statements: Download statements from your online banking website and upload them to Buxfer. Read more here.
  • Manually enter transactions: Manually enter transactions one at a time. While more tedious, this is also more flexible and allows you to enter future-dated transactions, itemize transactions, etc.
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