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You can report expenses and check balances by sending an email to a special, private email address assigned to you by Buxfer. Your private email can be found on your Settings page. Do not share this address with anyone.
The format required for these emails is described below:
  • Report an expense or income or transfer
    <description> [+]<amount> [tags:<tags>] [acct:<account>] [from:<account>] [to:<account>] [date:<date>] [status:<status>] [memo:<memo>]
    coffee 5.45 tags:drinks,coffee acct:amex
    Expense: You spent $5.45 on coffee from your 'Amex' account and want to attach the tags 'drinks' and 'coffee' to it
    Pay check +6952.32 status:pending
    Income: You got a pay check of $6952.32. The check is yet to clear ... but yay!
    ATM withdrawal 200 from:BoA Checking to:Cash
    Transfer: You withdrew $200 from a Bank of America ATM into your wallet
  • Report an IOU
    <description> <amount> [<payer>] (with:<participants> OR for:<participant>) [tags:<tags>] [acct:<account>] [date:<date>] [status:<status>]
    rent 1500 with:house
    Group transaction: You paid the house rent, which is to be equally shared with ALL members of the group house
    Camping equipment 309.99 with:joe mary
    Equal split with friends: You, Joe and Mary equally shared camping gear worth $309.99
    lunch 45.21 with:me 5 henry john nancy 10
    Unequal split with friends: You, Henry, John and Nancy shared a lunch bill for $45.21. Your share was $5, Nancy's share was $10, while the rest was equally split between Henry and John
    Electricity bill 45.76 with:tim tags:utilities
    Transaction with tags: You shared an electric bill of $45.76 with Tim, and want to tag it as 'utilities'
  • Balance query
    BAL [<account | budget | contact | group>]
    Net Balance: Get your overall account balance
    BAL Checking
    Balance for an account: Get balance for your account named 'Checking'
    BAL joe
    Balance with a friend: Get your overall balance with Joe
    BAL house
    Balance with a group: Get balances for members within your 'house' group
    BAL food-n-drinks
    Balance for a budget: Get your balance for budget 'food-n-drinks'
  • Help
    H [<POST | BAL>]
    Help: Get help on the syntax to use
    H POST
    Transactions: Get help with reporting transactions
    H BAL
    Balance: Get help with querying balances
TIP: You can send report multiple expenses in a single message by typing each on a separate line, or separating them with a semi-colon (;)