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Can I login to Buxfer using my Google, Facebook, Yahoo or Windows Live account?
You can use your Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Windows Live account to login to Buxfer.
Benefits of using this login mechanism are:
  • Convenience: You don't need to create yet another password that you need to remember.
  • Security: Your login is entirely processed by the relevant service, and your password is never made available to Buxfer.
  • To avoid creating multiple accounts, please use the same service to login everytime.
  • If you have received an invite from a friend, please login by accepting that invite and do not login with any of these services.
Is it safe to login using my Google, Facebook, Yahoo or Windows Live account?
Logging in via a supported third-party service is completely secure. When you choose to login with a supporter service, your login information is entirely processed by the relevant service, and is never made available to Buxfer.
I currently login using by Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Live account. Is it possible to set a password for my account?
To create separate login credentials for your account, please follow these steps:
  • Login and visit Settings > Profile.
  • Note the email/username on your account. If you wish, add or update your email/username here.
  • Next, visit Settings > Password and set a new password for your account.
Going forward, you should be able to login with the email/username and password you just saved.
How can I delete my Buxfer account?
To delete your account, click on "My Account > Settings > Profile > Delete account" and follow the instructions on that page. Upon deleting your account, your identification credentials (email, username, etc.) will be completely deleted from our database. You will NEVER be able to access any of the data you uploaded into your account.
I requested my password to be reset, but haven't received any email yet. What should I do?
Emails can sometimes take 15-20 minutes to arrive. Please follow these troubleshooting suggestions:
  • Add support@buxfer.com to the contacts list in your email software.
  • Please check the Spam folder and mark the email as "Not spam".
  • Please try to reset your password again after an hour.
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