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Insights provide sophisticated visual tools to help you better understand your spending, income, assets and debts.
What is Top Movers and how does it work?
Top Movers automatically shows the categories which have the largest change in spending (or income) compared to the previous period. For instance, if you spend significantly more on Restaurants in a month compared to the previous one, Restaurants will be listed as a Top Mover.
Top Movers makes it effortless to spot changes in spending habits at a glance.
What is Timeline and how does it work?
Timeline lets you visually compare your spending (or income) with that of the previous period, so you can easily identify any deviations from your usual habits.
What is Allocation and how does it work?
Allocation breaks down your assets by type and provides a visual categorization of how your assets are spread over different account types such as Checking, Savings, Investment, etc.
Can I exclude certain transactions/accounts/tags from my Insights and Budgets?
Buxfer does not support excluding transactions or accounts from Insights/Budgets. Excluding data can sometimes cause confusion and not lead you to see a complete view of your finances.
If you wish that a certain transaction not be counted as an expense, please edit it and change it's type to a "Transfer". Transfers only affect your Net Worth, and are not counted as expenses for Insights and Budgets.
Why are transfers (e.g. ATM withdrawals, credit card payments, mortgage payments) not included in my Insights and Budgets?
In strict accounting terms, transfers are not expenses, but a simple movement of assets from one account to another. The same applies to ATM withdrawals, credit card payments or mortgage payments. For example, when you take a mortgage, you receive an equivalent asset of the real estate property. The subsequent mortgage payments are simply a movement of assets: you pay cash, and get home equity in return.
By default, Buxfer will identify transfer-like transactions and exclude them from your Insights and Budgets. In most cases, this is the desirable behavior. But we do let you manage things differently if that's what you would like.
To have a transfer affect your Insights or Budgets, please follow these steps:
  1. In the destination account of the transfer, edit the transaction to be a 1-way transfer i.e., a transfer from "No account" to the destination account.
  2. In the source account of the transfer, add an equivaelnt transaction of "Expense" (or edit the type to "Expense" if such a transaction already exists). You can then tag this transaction and it will show up in your Insights and Budgets.
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