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Buxfer can automatically sync your accounts by connecting to your bank or credit card institution and downloading transactions and balances information. Over 10,000 institutions are supported for sync.
Are my online banking username and password safe with you?
Your login information is not stored by Buxfer, but instead stored by our data aggregation partner, Yodlee. Once sent to Yodlee, Buxfer no longer has any access to your login information.*
Yodlee is a market leader in the financial technology industry, with a vast experience connecting to financial institutions. Through deep software and business integrations, Yodlee provides reliable and high quality aggregation of data from over 10,000 financial institutions all across the world. Yodlee adheres to leading financial industry practices for security, privacy, risk, and compliance management.
Yodlee banking platform disposes and tokenizes all credentials that are entered through the backend in a federally supervised method. As an FFIEC supervised Technology Service Provider, Yodlee follows the security and risk management standards required to engage with consumers and their financial data. Yodlee is supervised and examined by the OCC and all major banking regulators, and has undergone nearly 200 audits by financial institutions over a recent 24 month period. Yodlee is committed to its security infrastructure in the industry. Yodlee has been a leading provider of cloud-based financial technology services to global financial institutions and innovators for almost two decades. Yodlee's risk programs meet not only their expectations, but are also some of the most stringent security, privacy and compliance standards in the world.
* For a few institutions, with whom we have direct integrations, we will encrypt and store your login information in a secure, firewalled database. List of these institutions: KeyBank - Legacy, PayPal, Franklin-Somerset FCU (Skowhegan, ME), O Bee Credit Union, State Farm Bank, TD Bank (Legacy), Virginia Beach Schools FCU, Banco Bradesco, TD Bank - Business (Legacy), TD Bank - Credit Card (Legacy), Raiffeisen Bank (Hungary), Aon Hewitt, Activo Bank (Portugal), Paytm (Legacy), Freecharge Wallet (India), Alliance Plan!, Caixa Geral de DepĆ³sitos - CGD (Portugal), N26 Bank, Deutsche Kredit Bank - DKB (Germany), Zillow, Test Bank, Stripe (Payments Processor), Air Bank (CZ).
Is my financial institution supported for sync?
Buxfer supports over 10,000 institutions for sync.
Popular Supported Institutions
Bank of AmericaTD BankChase
Wells FargoAmerican Express CardsCitibank (
USAACapital One Credit CardsU.S. Bank
PNC BankDiscover CardCapital One 360
Ally BankCommonwealth Bank CBA (AU)RBC Royal Bank (CA)
Navy Federal CUANZ (AU)Fifth Third Bank
SunTrust BankWestpac (AU)Boeing Employees CU
Regions BankTD Canada Trust (CA)ASB Bank (NZ)
Capital OneCharles Schwab
Search to check if your institution is supported:
My financial institution is not supported for sync. Can I still use Buxfer?
Yes, Buxfer is designed to work even if you can't or don't want to sync your bank accounts.
You can use one of these methods to enter your transactions:
  • Upload statements: Download statements from your online banking website and upload them to Buxfer. Read more here.
  • Manually enter transactions: Manually enter transactions one at a time. While more tedious, this is also more flexible and allows you to enter future-dated transactions, itemize transactions, etc.
How can I set up my accounts to automatically sync?
To setup an account for automatic sync, please follow these steps:
  • Click Add > Account.
  • Start typing in the name of your financial institution. Institutions supported for sync will be suggested. Please select the one that matches your bank name, then click "Add Account".
  • Enter the login information for your bank account and click "Sync".
After I have setup my accounts for sync, when exactly are they updated?
Accounts are automatically synced approximately once a day. Each account has a different frequency depending on factors like how often it has new updates.
To force your accounts to updated, follow these steps:
  • Click on "Accounts" in the left sidebar.
  • Click "Sync All Accounts".
If I manually enter my transactions, will syncing my account create duplicates?
No, in general, sync will not create duplicates. Sync is smart enough to detect duplicates and automatically merge them, so you don't need to worry about it.
A synced transaction is considered a duplicate if all of the following conditions are met:
  • Amount exactly matches a previously entered transaction.
  • Description is similar to the previously entered transaction. Similarity is calculated as the percentage of words that are common to both transactions.
  • Date is within 5 days of the previously entered transaction.
If you enter transactions manually in a "Pending" state. Upon syncing, they will be automatically marked as "Reconciled".
Can I sync my real estate property and track it as part of my net worth?
Yes, you can add your house or other real estate property you own. You can manage it's value manually or use our sync feature to have it be automatically synced with Zillow's Zestimate.