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Buxfer can automatically sync your accounts by connecting to your bank or credit card institution and downloading transactions and balances information. Over 16000 institutions are supported for sync.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I be sure sync is safe to use?
Sync is completely secure and safe to use. For security, Buxfer follows industry standard encryption techniques and best practices. Any information you upload or share with our server is encrypted during transmission to prevent a third party from eavesdropping. Buxfer employs 256-bit high-grade encryption (industry standard) and has been securely over SSL to your financial institution. Buxfer uses industry leading security firms like Verisign, McAfee and Symantec to conduct rigorous daily security scans, comprising of dynamic port scanning, port-level network services vulnerability testing, and web application vulnerability testing, resulting in highly effective and pro-active security.
Read more about our security practices.
Is my online banking username and password saved in your database?
Buxfer does not require that you store your bank's username and password in our database.
Buxfer provides you with the option of storing your private data offline on your computer. Data is encrypted so that an intruder can not access it, even if your computer is stolen.
You can also manually upload statements obtained from your online banking website. Learn more about manual uploads.
Is my financial institution supported for sync?
Buxfer supports over 16000 institutions for sync.
Popular Supported Institutions
Bank of AmericaChaseWells Fargo
American ExpressCitibankICICI
US BankPNC BankCapital One
HSBCPaypalTD Bank
Discover CardsCitizens BankCapital One
SunTrustFifth Third BankRegions Bank
Commerce Bank, NAANZNational City
Charles SchwabBB&TBoeing Employee's Credit Union (BECU)
E*TradeKeyBankNavy Army Federal Credit Union
First Tech Credit UnionCompass Bank
Search to check if your institution is supported:
My financial institution is not supported for sync. Can I still use Buxfer?
Yes, Buxfer is designed to work even if you can't or don't want to sync your bank accounts.
You can use one of these methods to enter your transactions:
  • Upload statements: Download statements from your online banking website and upload them to Buxfer. Read more here.
  • Manually enter transactions: Manually enter transactions one at a time. While more tedious, this is also more flexible and allows you to enter future-dated transactions, itemize transactions, etc.
How can I set up my accounts to automatically sync?
To setup an account for automatic sync, please follow these steps:
  • Click Add > Account.
  • Start typing in the name of your financial institution. Institutions supported for sync will be suggested. Please select the one that matches your bank name, then click "Add Account".
  • Enter the login information for your bank account and click "Sync".
After I have setup my accounts for sync, when exactly are they updated?
The time when your accounts are updated depends on how you chose to setup the sync:
  • If you chose to save your credentials on the server, then accounts will be synced automatically in the background on the server. They will NOT be updated when you sign in.
  • If you chose to save your credentials on your computer, those accounts will be synced when you sign in, provided they haven't been synced recently.
To force your accounts to updated, follow these steps:
  • Click on "Accounts" in the left sidebar.
  • Click "Sync All Accounts".
If I manually enter my transactions, will syncing my account create duplicates?
No, in general, sync will not create duplicates. Sync is smart enough to detect duplicates and automatically merge them, so you don't need to worry about it.
A synced transaction is considered a duplicate if all of the following conditions are met:
  • Amount exactly matches a previously entered transaction.
  • Description is similar to the previously entered transaction. Similarity is calculated as the percentage of words that are common to both transactions.
  • Date is within 5 days of the previously entered transaction.
If you enter transactions manually in a "Pending" state. Upon syncing, they will be automatically marked as "Reconciled".