Personal Capital vs Buxfer

See why Buxfer is the best alternative to Personal Capital

Thinking of switching away from Personal Capital? You have come to the right place. Thousands of users have happily made the switch to Buxfer and here's why.
Why Personal Capital might not be the right choice for you
  • Personal Capital's business model is to charge you fees for managing your money. Their primary focus is not to help you manage your finances better, but to convince you to allow them to manage your assets.
  • Personal Capital's budgeting tools are very basic and lack depth.
  • Personal Capital's investment advisors have a bad reputation for making spammy phone calls.
Why people are switching from Personal Capital to Buxfer
  • Be aware they require a phone number for 2FA and they will call you once every 1-2 years on that phone number to try to sell you their advising services.
  • Personal capital is sh** for budgeting.
  • I got persistent, unsolicited calls from them for wanting my FA business. I deleted my account immediately after the call.
See why Buxfer is better than Personal Capital
FeatureBuxferPersonal Capital
Provides user configurable automation via rules, which let you precisely control when and how an automation is applied to your data.
Too much automation with little control for user to personalize how features like categorization work. The machine tries to overpower you, and you are not given many tools to fight it.
Offers flexible budgeting, allowing you to budget your way.
Extremely basic. Automated budgets are frequently wrong.
Forecasts your future spending, income and account balances based on your past spending data.
Not supported for expense / income / cashflows.
Multiple Currencies
Full-fledged support for multiple currencies.
Not supported
Access Control
Allows sharing access to your account with your family or accountant.
Not supported