Make Payments & Send Money Online

Buxfer lets you send money online to your friends and settle your bills. All payments are processed using Paypal.
Sending Money
  • To send money, you need a Paypal account with a valid funding source.
  • Payments can be sent to anyone with a valid email address, using a credit card, bank account or Paypal balance.
Receiving Money
  • To receive money, you do NOT need a Paypal account when the payment is initiated.
  • To withdraw the funds to a bank account, you will need to create a Paypal account and connect it with a bank account.
Fees & Restrictions
  • Buxfer does not charge any fees for payments. Users with a BASIC membership plan are subject to a monthly limit of 1 payment per month. To remove this restrictions, please upgrade to a PRO membership.
  • Transactions funded by a bank account or Paypal are free and do NOT incur any transaction fees. For a full schedule of fees, visit Paypal.
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