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My accounts are showing duplicate transactions. What should I do?
In general, sync will try not to create duplicates. In cases when it does, most often it is due to the poor quality of data provided by banks or our sync providers (Yodlee and SaltEdge). Yeah, despite us being in the twentieth century, these people haven't yet figured out how to exchange data in a well-structured format.
If you see duplicates, simply click to expand the transaction, then click "Mark Duplicate". This will do several things:
  • Hide the transaction from your transaction list.
  • Stop counting the transaction towards any of your numbers (balance, expense, income, cashflow, etc.)
  • Avoid syncing this transaction again.
Note that deleting the duplicate will just bring it back upon the next sync. That's expected behavior and we require you to explicitly mark a transaction as duplicate if you don't wish for it to be brought back via sync.
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