How can I create tags to be sub-tags of other tags?
Buxfer lets you organize tags so that they are sub-tags of other tags. Organizing tags as sub-tags lets you easily navigate through them when looking at your insights and budgets. You can start by looking at broad top-level tags, and then drill down into narrower sub-tags.
E.g., lunch might be a sub-tag contained within food.
To assign existing tags as sub-tags of another tag, follow these steps:
  • Click on "Tags" in the left sidebar, then click "Edit".
  • Select the tags you wish to change to sub-tags.
  • Click "Move", and follow the instructions.
To create a new tag which is a sub-tag of another tag, simply type the name of the parent tag, then a slash (" / ") and the name of the tag you want to create. For example, to create lunch as a sub-tag of food, just type in "food / lunch".
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