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How can I track my investments manually?
The easiest way to track your holdings is to sync them with your bank. If you choose this method, all your holdings are automatically tracked and udpated for you, and all you have to do is sit back and watch.
In case your bank is not supported for sync, or you prefer tracking your holdings manually, we support that method as well.
Track Balance via Holdings
  • Create a manual account and set it's type to Investment.
  • On the account page, click "Add Holding" to add any holdings you have in this account.
    • For certain holdings (mainly in the US), we automatically update prices once a day, so all you need to do is update the holding quantity when you buy or sell those shares.
    • If a symbol is supported for automatic updates, it's price will be auto-populated when you add the holding and you won't be able to edit the price.
    • For all other holdings, you will have to manually update the price as often as you feel appropriate.
  • Once you add holdings, the account balance will be sum of all holding values. Adding transactions to this account will NOT change the account balance. Only adding / updating holdings will update the account balance.
Track Balance via Transactions
  • Create a manual account and set it's type to Investment.
  • Do not add any holdings in this account.
  • Add transactions to track change in account balances.
  • Use the "Transfer" type to record transactions without having them affect your Insights & Budgets.
  • We allow adding one-way transfers, so you can leave one of the "Account From" / "Account To" fields unselected (or select "No Account").
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