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How does keyword matching work for Rules?
Rules support several operators for keyword matching:
  • contains: Keyword can occur anywhere in the description.
  • contains phrase: Descriptions contains keyword as an exact phrase.
  • starts with: Description starts with keyword.
  • equals: Description exactly equals keyword.
  • matches wildcard: Description matches keyword using a wildcard pattern (see example below).
Note that keyword matching is always case insensitive, i.e., it does not matter if the description or keywords have uppercase or lowercase letters.
COSTCO WHOLESALE98728 contains costco wholesale YES
COSTCO WHOLE contains costco wholesale NO
COSTCO WHOLESALE 98728 contains phrase costco wholesale YES
COSTCO WHOLESALE98728 contains phrase costco wholesale NO
COSTCO WHOLESALE98728 starts with costco wholesale YES
PAYMENT TO COSTCO WHOLESALE98728 starts with costco wholesale NO
COSTCO WHOLESALE98728 equals costco wholesale98728 YES
COSTCO WHOLESALE98728 equals costco wholesale NO
COSTCO WHOLE98728SALE matches wildcard costco whole*sale YES
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